Kari Kurto is an independent Casting Director.  She has been working in casting for 11 years.  Kari started her career in casting at Emerson College in Boston.  She started a casting organization called Emerson Casting where she cast many of the student films and some independent films.  This led her to an internship with the VP and SVP of Casting at 20th TV, who introduced her to Dava Waite. For six years she worked as an associate at Dava Waite Casting doing such projects as “Yes, Dear,” "My Name is Earl" (for which they won a creative Emmy for Outstanding Casting of a Comedy series), and "Weeds". They had cast many 1/2 hour pilots and series together including: In Case of Emergency (ABC), Insatiable,(Showtime)  Fugly (NBC) , Hot Properties (ABC), Come to Papa (NBC) and Regular Joe (ABC).  

Kari has since gone on her own to create Kari Kurto Casting which has cast a number of award winning short films, as well as commercials, internet commercials and feature films including "The Hit List" starring Joey Lawrence and "Black White and Blues" directed by Mario Van Peebles starring Michael Clarke Duncan, Tom Skerritt and Kiele Sanchez and Luke Perry amongst others.  She's also co-cast the CBS Pilot "Good Girls" with Tracy Lillienfield and the pilots "The Pink House" and "The Hard Life" with Sheila Guthrie.  Kari is currently casting several independent feature films, commercials, and television/web projects.  

Kari has also directed numerous showcases in Los Angeles including three years directing the NBC/Universal Actors showcase. 


My overall goal in coaching actors one on one is to have time to break apart a scene in order to show them how to build their character truthfully, and how to deliver their performance moment by moment.  I will also impart the knowledge that I've accrued over the past decade to help them have the strongest audition possible.

My approach consists of having actors come in with the training they have already gone thru, and I will help them apply it to material that is on the page.  I show actors how to “Act Between the Lines” and guide them to see how to interpret the scene the way producers/CDs/directors are looking for.*

During my first week coaching alone I had two students receive callbacks, and one book the job.

I can coach material that actors have that they will be auditioning with, or I will provide material to come in just for a brush-up, or weekly / monthly recurring one one one coaching to solidify their understanding of how to perform current film and television scenes by pointing out different 'tricks' to use that producers/directors consciously or subconsciously look for.

Why did I start coaching actors now?  Well, during the past 11 years working in casting, one of my favorite parts of the job has always been working with actors in the pre-read.  Actors come in and I give them notes to get the scenes producer-ready.  I've learned a lot about the way comedy and drama is constructed, and excel at finding beats that actors don't typically see right away.  I've helped many people get jobs this way, and love when one of my pre-reads books the role!  

Over the past couple of years, I’ve also begun directing.  Recently, I decided to extend this idea to coaching, and it's become my passion to take on personal clients during slow parts of my casting day.  Maybe it's my family history of teaching, I don't know, but I do know that it's a blast for me to spend a half hour getting in depth with the character and strengthening their performances!  Additionally, I can cut to the chase with actors since I've been in so many casting rooms seeing what it is that actors need to their auditions in order to get the job.  I realize there are already many coaches out there, but in addition to helping you excel at your scenes, I can also answer actors’ questions about the casting process, as well as dos and don'ts of auditioning.

I specialize in working with comedic auditions, but also excel in working with dramatic scenes.  I also have a proven track record working with kids and young adults.

*Classes/coaching sessions are educational and not a promise / guarantee of employment and even though taught by a Casting Director, should not ever be considered as a 'paid audition.'

Producers:  email Kari at KCasting@gmail.com

Actors:  email Kari at actorsclasses@gmail.com